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Porcelain X Steel

Materials Experiment, Ceramics & Metals

Porcelain, Mild Steel/Stainless Steel

One-off Experimental Pieces

The exploration of the Workshops of the Manufacture de Sèvres uncovers the unique relationship with the material maintained and protected by its Craftsmen. Their precious mastery is built over time, by a profound comprehension and knowledge of the behaviours of a material, of its properties, favours and whims.The slip, which crystallizes and shrinks, transforms into porcelain inside the furnace. The work of ceramics is a world of prediction and mastery, but also of surprise.

From the desire to pursue this approach ensue the experimental series Porcelain x Steel. Pierre Ospina introduced a new metallic element into the porcelain manufacturing process which could appear as disruptive. Occurs a fruitful and advantageous encounter. From the multiplication of the properties of a material with those of the other arise many phenomena opening new possibilities to shape materials. Each object bears and reveals its compound respective efforts and qualities. With this interactive making process, much remains to be discovered in the influence of matter on matter.

MA RCA Design Products 2010
To be continued.