Pierre Ospina

Art, Design, Sculpture, Objects

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Pierre Ospina is a young and passionate spirit bound to create objects for people to live and evolve with. He looks at his designer's practice as a contemporary medium of Art.

Work Concept

Bouncing between poles, Art and Design, Craft and Industry, Creativity and Technique, Pierre Ospina's work explores relationships; amongst humans and objects, materials and tools, and behaviours in environments. It is the interconnectedness that fascinates him. Looking for potential to rethink and reinvent, he consciously observes possibilities and variables offered by nature. He perceives its universality as a continuously changing source, context and outcome. "There is matter and we give it meaning" he says.

Small Bio

Pierre Ospina was born in 1985 from French and Colombian parents. He went from drawing on school tables to street art and then chose Artists as tutors to overlook his studies in Design Products. He was particularly influenced by Phillippe Mayaux and Konrad Loder at ESAD (Reims, France DNAP 2008) and by Gabriel Klasmer at the Royal College of Art for his MA in 2010 (London, United Kingdom). His Studio is located in East London and his work is present internationally.


"We shape our tools, and our tools shape us." Marshall Mac Luhan

" Le sujet c’est pas l’objet, c’est l’homme." Charlotte Perriand.

Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, Nils Udo, Jean Prouvé, Jean Baudrillard, Buckminster Fuller, James Turrell to name a few. And matter as materials to play with and learn from.